The Angel’s Orchestra: A little book that takes you on a big spiritual journey

The Angel’s Orchestra is a book written with the intention of sharing the synchronicities around an amazing spiritual journey of healing and opening up to the Divine communication we all have available to us. Ask and it shall be given, open your eyes up to the magic of communicating with your Angels, guides and higher self.

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Listen and you will be Guided

Reading Angel’s Orchestra is like sitting having a one on one conversation with Patricia LaDale Lane in person. The book is written in conversational style as you feel her genuine warmth and heart as she recalls the amazing synchronicities of her life and her loving experiences with Angels and the afterlife. Comprehensible and easy to read while communicating a truly heartfelt journey of finding one’s personal power through prayer, Angels, and listening to all the help and guidance available to all of us if we have faith and belief to watch and listen to the signs. This book will inspire, empower, and leave you with a loving and secure feeling in life after death, guides, angels, and above all that life is not to be feared but to be enjoyed. Truth emanates from this book and you will feel your own heart open and you will be touched by author’s honesty, love, and teaching. The author demystifies a lot of metaphysical teachings and explains psychic phenomena as she experiences in her own life while also teaching you how to do this for yourself. If you have a desire to grow in your own intuition, to develop your own psychic intuition’s, to understand more about life after death, then this book is a must read for you regardless of your religious upbringing. Finally, this book will renew your belief in romance and soulmates and the hidden gem in the book is the author’s own personal (both heartaches and lessons) love story. You will feel author’s blessings emanating as you read this book. Enjoy.

Ellen Curtin

Patti Shares How Angels Work in Our Lives!

What a beautiful book! I love the metaphor of an orchestra, to show the varied parts that angels play in our lives. I love the stories Patti shares about her journey and her own experiences with heavenly messengers. Patti has had incredible experiences and I am honored to be a witness to a small part. I know that many lives will be blessed with this book and the information she shares.

PJ Spur, Author of Navigating Grief with Grace

A Wonderful Enlightening Book!

Such a wonderful book!!! I only wished it was longer. Can’t wait for her to publish her next book about Forgiveness! Loved all of her stories she shares in this book! I would definitely recommend this book to people that think out of the box spiritually. Very easy read!! Enjoy!

Becky Hon

What a wonderful reminder for us to look for the synchronicities and …

This book was well written and obviously from her heart. What a wonderful reminder for us to look for the synchronicities and magic in life. I bought a couple of extra copies to give to my clients!

Alfred Warner

Beautiful book written by a beautiful person

I met Pattie through a series of events or synchronicity I experienced not unlike events she shares in the book. We spoke on the phone before meeting and she was generous and honest with her time and life stories. I felt like she was an old friend and she probably was in another lifetime! Please read her book with an open mind and heart. I bet you will connect with her and may have shared some similar experiences in the past or maybe soon to come. Anxious to read the next book.

Julie Villarreal

Love this book!

This book is so uplifting. If you believe in Angels, and even if you don’t this is a must read. Wish this author had more books.

Amazon Customer

What an amazing book! And such a breath of fresh air

What an amazing book ! And such a breath of fresh air ! I highly recommend this book ! It is a must read for anyone. Divine timing is a true miracle!

Sherrie T.

Do angels exist?

This book will make you think twice about unusual things that have happened in your lifetime. Even if you don’t believe in angels or divine intervention, this book is a great read and just may change your opinion.

Sue P.

I loved The Angel’s Orchestra

I loved The Angel’s Orchestra! I felt such a connection with Patti through out the entire book as I resonated with her life’s path and journey. This book will touch your heart and give you hope. Thank you Patti for such an inspirational book and opening up your life to us.

Vickie Barlow

Angels are near – we must surrender and follow the signs

Patricia’s life story is both fascinating and motivating. After meeting her at a holistic fair, I felt compelled to read her book. I finished it in 3 days. Her openness and honesty about her spiritual journey was just what I needed to trust my own intuition. Thank you Pattie.

Bonnie Robinson