About Me

I believe we all have that spark of the Divine inside of us and that spark can be fanned into a flame. I believe we need to follow our bliss. I believe that by following our bliss we are able to heal ourselves and others. I believe we are all healers of one another and it is by sharing our stories that our healing can begin.

From a place deep in my soul I feel compelled to teach what I have learned to others who are searching for their place of peace and understanding.

My book, The Angel’s Orchestra, was written about my spiritual healing journey around synchronicities and miracles which I was let to share with the world.

I consider myself a teacher and find it is one of the most fulfilling activities I have been given guidance to do.

I believe that when we begin to take life seriously by engaging in our lives consciously, the Universe will take notice and participate by giving us more of those synchronistic events which validate us and light up our path.

By following what I have recognized as Divine Guidance (signs), I have been certified in numerous healing modalities, therapeutic techniques and spiritual practices. I am honored to now teach many of these things to others and to plant the seeds of possibility so others become aware of their calling.

When we ask with intention and belief and we take the time to search for the response we will find what we are asking for and it is by walking through our fears of limitation that we open the doors to our joy and bliss.

As our ‘purpose for being’ continues to unfold before us, we find that opening our eyes wide to the possibilities and dreams we hold dear results in discoveries and truths we can only imagine – for imagination is the spark where all creation began. If we can imagine it, it can become part of our reality.

We must take those baby steps thru the fears we all have and ask for the guidance, then follow it.

I believe in Angels and I believe in magic and in the light and the goodness in the world.

Having obtained my Bachelor’s of metaphysics from the University of Sedona, my ministry is an Angelic one.

I believe Angels are around us and if we open ourselves up to their guidance we can live a life of magic.

I am certified or well studied in the following healing modalities, techniques and spiritual practices. Many of these techniques I now teach.

Licensed Master Reiki Teacher
Bachelors of Metaphysical Ministry, University of Sedona
Past Life Regression facilitator
Online Crystal store owner
Angel Card Reading and workshops