Reading Angel’s Orchestra is like sitting having a one on one conversation with Patricia LaDale Lane in person. The book is written in conversational style as you feel her genuine warmth and heart as she recalls the amazing synchronicities of her life and her loving experiences with Angels and the afterlife. Comprehensible and easy to read while communicating a truly heartfelt journey of finding one’s personal power through prayer, Angels, and listening to all the help and guidance available to all of us if we have faith and belief to watch and listen to the signs. This book will inspire, empower, and leave you with a loving and secure feeling in life after death, guides, angels, and above all that life is not to be feared but to be enjoyed. Truth emanates from this book and you will feel your own heart open and you will be touched by author’s honesty, love, and teaching. The author demystifies a lot of metaphysical teachings and explains psychic phenomena as she experiences in her own life while also teaching you how to do this for yourself. If you have a desire to grow in your own intuition, to develop your own psychic intuition’s, to understand more about life after death, then this book is a must read for you regardless of your religious upbringing. Finally, this book will renew your belief in romance and soulmates and the hidden gem in the book is the author’s own personal (both heartaches and lessons) love story. You will feel author’s blessings emanating as you read this book. Enjoy.