The Empath Workshop

Healing the healer

I help Empaths develop their intuitive and spiritual gifts so they can empower themselves to step into their roles as spiritual healers and teachers.
– Patricia LaDale Lane –

I am an Ordained minister with a bachelor’s in Metaphysics, a Spiritual Teacher, a personal mentor, public speaker, and author.

You “get” it and as an Empath you know you are wired differently than others. You feel things deeper and are affected by feelings, energies, the foods you eat, chemicals, competition, and even other’s thoughts. You have learned to turn off the news because it plays over and over in your head as you try to relax and fall asleep. You hesitate going to the movies because if it contains graphic violence, animal cruelty or deep despair you may just have to walk out. You sometimes feel like you carry the woes of the world on your shoulders. You wonder why people can’t just love one another as you do, despite religious, cultural and physical differences, because you came into this world loving everyone.

Most of your friends and family are not affected by these sensitivities, or at least not at the same level you are, and they don’t understand why you feel compelled to protect yourself from all the drama, loud noises, crowds and negativity which surrounds us. You may have a tendency to isolate yourself in order to protect yourself. You know these sensitivities make you feel uncertain and even physically ill at times.

Even with all these sensitivities, you somehow KNOW you have a big purpose in life as you are deeply drawn to helping other’s-even to the point of ignoring your own desires and wishes. You may take on more than you can handle in order to ease other’s loads because you feel their suffering at such a deep level. The list goes on, but you get the picture.

As an Empath with a degree in metaphysics, my passion is educating other’s about energy, metaphysical tools, techniques and practices which help clear, clean and protect our energies, thus empowering my students to begin that journey of learning and understanding themselves.

I love seeing the light bulbs go off.

I strongly believe Empaths are our healers and must first realize who and what they are, walk through the fire to heal themselves, take the time to learn and understand their own truths, and then step onto their unique paths.

None of this is easy! It take courage and determination and a real desire to help yourself in order to help other’s. Getting from here to there takes an investment in time and energy. It is a journey of self discovery beginning with learning to love ourselves in a world where we were never taught the importance of self-love and self-acceptance.

This journey, also involves letting go of many beliefs and things which no longer serve our needs and learning new skills and techniques which will enable us to step onto our paths with the tools and confidence needed to do the work we are here to do.

I know these things because I am an empath who has walked through that fire and came out on the other side. I and even wrote a very personal book about my own experiences as an Empath, “The Angel’s Orchestra – A little book that takes you on a big spiritual journey.”

Visit my website at to learn more about me, what I believe and what I do. Be sure to pick up a free chapter of my book when you visit.

I am offering a virtual workshop for empaths which includes 12 live sessions (will be recorded) on spiritual matters such as-

  • discovering who and what we are as Empaths
  • protecting and clearing one’s energy
  • energy healing
  • The power of Intention
  • developing intuition
  • triggers
  • working with Angels, our higher self and spirit guides
  • kinesiology/pendulums
  • extreme self care
  • cleaning up the toxins in our home
  • manifesting tools and techniques
  • crystal grids
  • dreams
  • inspired writing
  • empath and narcissist relationships
  • working with crystals
  • essential oils for the empath
  • grounding
  • plus more

I am holding space for no more than 10 in this virtual program where we will have 12 weeks together to learn about and incorporate into your life multiple teachings, tools and techniques focusing on the Empath’s healing journey.

If you are an empath and interested in working with me in a virtual classroom setting, message me here on facebook or use the contact form to reach me.

Keep in mind I also provide private coaching and mentoring, Reiki certification, healing sessions, intuitive readings and crystal readings in addition to being a crystal retailer.

If I cannot assist you or I am intuitively guided, I have a huge network of providers I personally know and trust for you to work with.

Cost of this 12 week workshop is $777.