Reiki can open us up to unique experiences. Being attuned to Reiki allows for unimagined occurrences to come into our lives. The capacity to merge the mystical into our daily lives is possible for everyone. The lights and energies we receive from Reiki attunements and Ignitions never fade and often affect our direction in life. Reiki attunements and Ignitions open us up to the ability to channel ever-increasing and evolving levels of Reiki, which assists us in maturing spiritually. By God’s Divine Grace and our spirit’s connection to that grace, we can experience the mystical. I will share some of my mystical experiences and offer suggestions on how you can increase the chances of such occurrences happening in your life.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines mysticism as “the belief that direct knowledge of God, spiritual truth, or ultimate reality can be attained through a subjective experience (such as intuition or insight).” In Reiki, The Healing Touch: First and Second Degree Manual, by William Lee Rand, a simple definition of Reiki states: Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The manual also says the Reiki attunement is the most important part of a Reiki class, and is guided by spiritual consciousness, which fine-tunes the experience for each student.

The idea of spiritually guided consciousness is certainly profound. However, it is the concepts in the Usui/Holy Fire® III Master Training Manual which speak of the attunements and Ignitions in relationship to our Soul and Spirit that I find most relate to mystical experiences. Often synchronicities and mystical events appear in our lives after a Reiki attunement or Ignition.

This manual also gives us an understanding of the differences between the soul and the spirit in metaphysical terms relating to Holy Fire® Reiki. It describes the soul as the vessel for all our experiences in this life, past lives, and future lives. It is the container for our conscious and un-conscious values, beliefs, and attitudes. Reiki attunements and Placements can help our soul evolve into higher levels of consciousness.

Our spirit, however, is that part of us connected to Source or God. Therefore, our spirit can evolve and develop a stronger bridge to God. Since God is infinite, there is no limit to our spirit’s enlightenment, and our spirit can grant its knowledge and resources to the soul. It is the spirit that receives the Holy Fire® Ignitions. Because our spirit has this relationship with God, it is the spirit that provides the mystical experiences in our lives.

Many of us discover that Reiki is our path to living an authentic life of peace and sharing the magic of Reiki with others becomes a part of our life’s purpose. When I received my Reiki I attunement in 2008, I intended to heal myself from a stroke that left me partially paralyzed, weak, and severely fatigued. Little did I know Reiki could and would change my life in the most unexpected and profound ways.

To recover my energy and strength, I realized I could not continue living the life I had created. With the gentle guidance of Reiki, I rediscovered the means to incorporate the changes necessary to create a new life I designed. I searched for signs and guidance, leading me to live a life where Reiki and my intuition became my navigation system. I became attuned to the Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki® levels through The International Center for Reiki Training. So many of the things I had only dreamed of doing, I began to do as a dream I held in my heart became a reality when I traveled to Ireland with my husband. The magic of Ireland is real for me, and I have experienced it many times. I want to share with you some magical and mystical encounters.

On my first trip to Ireland, I looked up from our breakfast table to find an older man seated next to us. I said good morning, and he replied, “Good morning.” And then, the strangest of things happened. He appeared to look up and over my head with a dazed expression and spoke. “Ah, ye have two daughters, Kelly and Sheila,” he said in a deep Irish brogue. I was stunned because I have two daughters, and those are their names. I couldn’t take my eyes off the man. He continued, “Ye are meant to write a book. What’s holding ye back is the thought that ye can’t.” I listened and pulled a pen out of my purse to take notes on a paper napkin. I have always known deep inside that I am a writer, but I doubted my ability to write a book. “When ye turn wisdom and understanding upside down, ye find the truth. Write in simple words,” he said.

The server, Fionna, came and brought him his breakfast, and the older man looked down and began eating. Then, she bent down near me and asked if Edgar was giving us advice. I could only nod as she smiled and offered, “Pay heed; Edgar gives good advice.” Edgar continued to focus on eating and did not even look up as we left the restaurant. As we drove away from the pub, I pulled our travel journal out and transferred what I had written into the small journal. I did not want to forget this wisdom. My husband and I did not talk for a long time. We knew we had received a sacred gift, a mystical encounter. This experience forever changed how we viewed life and our roles for the remaining years.

Another experience happened in Ireland near Loc Gur, Ireland’s largest and most ancient stone circle. Upon entering Grange Stone Circle, my husband felt guided to stand before the largest of the standing stones. As I made my way around to where he was standing, I clairaudiently heard, “Call me by my name.” As we exited the stone circle, there was an information placard stating the name of only one stone, the one in front of which we had been standing. This giant stone’s name is Rannach, and it stands 8 feet tall. Rannach Crom Dubh (the stooped black man) extends five feet underground and is associated with harvest celebrations, a focus of celebrants of the summer solstice sunrise to this day.

During this same visit to the Grange Stone Circle, I stood outside the circle, taking a picture of various mushrooms growing on a tree trunk carved with a large, runic symbol. As I shot the photo, I heard, “We want to help you heal.” Later, as I looked at pictures on my camera, that picture was full of orbs, and the stump seemed surrounded by a green aura. I returned to take a few more photos, but the magic was gone, and I could not recapture that image. I feel I can link these and additional occurrences to the enhanced spiritual communication I received because of my Reiki training.

I began to teach Reiki and share my experiences with others leading me to author that little book I had been told to write based on my healing and spiritual journey, The Angel’s Orchestra. So, when the ICRT introduced Holy Fire®, I answered that call and attended a class at Peace Place in Sedona to be ignited to Holy Fire® Reiki by Laurelle Shanti Gaia and Michael Baird.

If I could give you the keys to opening the doors to the magic I have experienced, I would tie a ribbon around it and share it with you. Unfortunately, I am unable to do that. However, I would like to leave you with a few guidelines around my personal belief system relating to these experiences and how you can increase the chances of similar occurrences in your life

If you are attuned to Reiki, give Reiki to yourself every morning and evening.

• Face your fears and take steps to create a whole life because a half-life means you are only living part of your potential.

• Learn about energy and vibration. Strive to maintain a high vibration.

• Begin to truly hear what you think and say to yourself and others. Then, if these thoughts and words are not kind and create turmoil in your life or the lives of others, change them. • Limit watching the news if it brings you stress.

• Make a simple bucket list and check off the things on that list by accomplishing them.

• Ask for the magic and miracles each morning as your feet touch the floor.

• Practice gratitude in all areas of your life and see the lessons you have agreed to learn this lifetime.

• Start living a life based on your authentic self and not someone else’s version of your life.

Reiki has gently supported me emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually through my search for a means to heal and face my fears. It has guided me to find my way home to myself. I know Reiki can do this for you, too. Reiki has given me the courage and the insight to create a life of love; it is from a place of love that mystical experiences come to us. So, begin to create a life you love from a place of possibility and expectation.

I believe love is what we take with us when we leave this world. Love is the highest vibration. Love is mystical, and love is the key to everything we desire. Love begins with you and spreads into the world and the universe. Love is Reiki, and Reiki is Love.

Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® are registered service marks of William Lee Rand.

Patricia is an ICRT Holy Fire®️ III Licensed Reiki Master Teacher, an ordained Metaphysical Minister, a Spiritual Transformation Coach, and an intuitive healer. Her passion is teaching women to develop their intuitive gifts so they can heal and empower themselves. Patricia’s book, The Angel’s Orchestra, was written to share the synchronicities around an incredible spiritual journey of healing and opening up to the Divine communication we all have available to us. Her website is, and her email is [email protected].